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Clarity in Numbers started in its original form in 2003 with principal Larissa Campbell servicing a small number of private bookkeeping clients whilst juggling a newborn and a toddler. The business has grown with the family over the years and now offers a range of services undertaken by a committed and growing team.

Larissa Campbell completed her Bachelor of Business (Accounting) in 1992 and achieved CPA status in 1995 which she maintained through ongoing professional development until 2017. Larissa started her career in the corporate world moving from a junior accountant within the independent supermarket industry through to CFO of a commercial laundry group with plants in multiple states of Australia over the next 10 years. Larissa’s extensive accounting background means she looks at numbers with a different perspective to many bookkeepers.

Now a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), a registered BAS Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) and recently a Certified Consultant with MYOB, Larissa and her team are constantly updating their skill set and knowledge.

I pride myself on my integrity and honesty and unwavering commitment to my clients and their deadlines.



What C.L.A.R.I.T.Y means to us, and what it gives you;

C - Confidence
There is a saying “Clarity leads to confidence. Confidence leads to competence.” Our goal is to help you to understand your financials so you can be free from the distraction of worrying.
L - Less Stress
Everyone wants to live a less stressful life. The reality is, if business is stressful, it can flow into other areas of your life. We help you get some boundaries in place in your business, so you can relax.
A - Accuracy
When you know your accounts are correct, you have peace of mind. There is no need to have the idea of an audit looming in the back of your mind when you know that everything is in order.
R - Reliability
There is a saying “Garbage in, garbage out.” This is true for accounting. If the information going into your accounting system is incomplete, or incorrect, then your financial reports won’t be reliable.
I - Integrity
Nothing is more important in business than honesty and knowing you can rely on others to honour their word. Unfortunately it’s rare these days. We love working with those who value, and strive to operate with, integrity at all times.
T - Timeliness
Being on time is all about planning ahead, being organised and doing what you say you are going to do. We love to work with others who provide paperwork within deadlines and respond to our correspondence quickly.
Y - Your Business
At Clarity In Numbers it’s about making your business the very best it can be. We equip to you to be in control as you run your business, and learn not to let your business run you!

A Business Consultant to bring the change you need

Are you interested in your business being enhanced, so it can go in the direction you dream about?
That doesn’t mean bigger. It might mean smaller, with just your key group of favourite clients that you love working with and value your services.

But it certainly could mean bigger. But either way, how to get there? That is where Larissa comes in. You need a business consultant who has been around various companies, and knows how they work, and what makes them succeed. Or fail.

It is usually from lack of information that a business will perish. The boss often slaves away, and is (or has been) quite passionate about the dream getting achieved. But nothing is changing….

Or let’s put it this way; it doesn’t matter how hard you use a hammer, if you need a screwdriver. All the effort and good intentions in the world cannot achieve the desired results if they are misdirected.

A knowledgeable business consultant could be that outside unbiased viewpoint that can see what you cannot yet see, that gets you past the obstacles that are stopping you from succeeding.

Does that sound interesting to you?

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